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Our Repeater Systems

Since its inception, the LSAC Repeater systems were designed to support special event communications. The system has supported SKYWARN, the Beargrese Sled Dog Race, numerous bicycle tours, Marathons, and general communications.

There are currently three nodes comprising the linked LSAC Repeater Systems.

Tthe LSAC Repeater System also includes stand alone repeaters. In addition to two meter and 440 MHz repeaters, the system also includes six meter, 220 MHz and 900 MHz repeaters. These repeaters are currently not linked to any other repeater but do offer unique capabilities for experimentation and operation.


The western portion of Lake Superior, which includes Minnesota's North Shore and Wisconsin's South Shore, is very well covered by this LSAC System.

Keep in mind that the terrain will sometimes wreak havoc with your signals. There are many opportunities to find higher ground
along both of the North and South shores of Lake Superior.


This part of the LSAC System provides good coverage from Ely MN, in the Northeast to Brainerd MN to the Southwest, aptly named Minnesota's Iron Range.

Years ago this system used to be linked to Proctor, but too many miles and other interference at the Gilbert Hub made the link unreliable. So, the link no longer exists.


A relatively new addition to the LSAC Repeater System. Plans are to link the Southern most repeaters to the Tamarack Hub. This would connect up the Western Lake Superior system for phenomenal coverage to the south.

Patience though, it only takes time and money to implement.

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